My Goals

How cool. I get to tell you about my learning goals? It’s kind of like that movie Accepted, where the kids start the South Harmon Institute of Technology (whose acronym is SHIT and whose motto is “Reject Rejection”) and get to decide what they want to study. But seriously, I’m not a student so I’m not sure I can fake student goals.


Short-term Goals


  • Start a study group with people who want to succeed.
  • Pass my courses with at least a B+.
  • Get my ePortfolio off to a good start.
  • Pick up some information about a study abroad experience.


Long-term Goals


  • Be the first person in my family to graduate college!
  • Figure out my major.
  • Get into a career where I don’t have to do the same thing every day. I want variety and intellectual stimulation.


SLCC’s Learning Outcomes



Click here for a detailed listing of SLCC’s Learning Outcomes for all students.




My Achievement of SLCC’s Learning Outcomes


Substantive Knowledge–My breadth of knowledge has greatly increased because of my General Education courses. Some disciplines with which I have become familiar include Biology, Political Science, Sociology, etc.

Effective Communication–When it comes to written communication, my work in my Composition classes demonstrates my ability to write in multiple genres. So does my paper on international law in my International Politics course. In my Computer Essentials class, I chose to highlight my Powerpoint presentation, which shows may ability to put together an effective presentation.

Quantitative Literacy–Of course I became more quantitatively literate in my Math class. However, my response papers in my Social Problems course almost always required that I analyze and use socially relevant data.

Critical Thinking–My ability to think critically is showcased in most of my ePortfolio artifacts, but I’d like to direct your attention to my Biology lab report, because that was an unstructured problem that my lab partner and I had to confront. And, since creative expression is a part of critical thinking, I would also like you to look at my mini-portfolio of cityscapes I created in my Photography class.

Civic Engagement–Have a look at my service-learning projects. Also, I satisfied the American Institutions requirement by taking U.S. Politics, in which I gave a presentation to the class about campaign finance.

Working Professionally with Others–My involvement in Bruin Volleyball shows how I worked together with my teammates to create a winning season. In addition, during my study abroad experience in London, I had to work with my fellow students–sometimes 24/7–to get to know London and accomplish our educational program.